The area


Enjoy the summer, autumn, winter and spring in Sweden and discover the many possibilities in the beautiful surroundings of this house. The house is located in the town of Myra, in the municipality of Hagfors, about 300km north of Gothenburg.

From this comfortable home you can explore the beautiful nature of Varmland with her beautiful forests, winding rivers and deep blue lakes.

The environment of Myra is characterized by a hilly landscape with rocks, forests and quiet lakes where you will find a beautiful view, also enjoy the peace, quiet and space around you. You can go walking, swimming, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing, golfing, boating and horseback riding. In the fall you can visit the woods around the house for blackberry, blueberry and mushroom picking, they grow in abundance. In winter you can also go ice fishing, skating, skiing and cross country skiing. The house has a folder there with tips and trips in the area.

See the beautiful area around the house via google streetview.